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Posted by on Jan 31, 2014 in Giveaways | 30 comments

Giveaway- Have a Valentine’s Day Adventure with OhMiBod!

Giveaway- Have a Valentine’s Day Adventure with OhMiBod!


Okay folks, we’re coming up on Valentine’s Day. I’ve mentioned before that this is not one of my favorite things. But I do like you folks a whole lot and the fabulous folks at OhMiBod were generous enough to provide me with something else I like a whole lot to give to one of you – The OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure!! As you may recall, I really enjoy this awesome triple stimulation toy (it’s got 3 motors!!). It was even one of my 2013 Favorite Things! I’m really excited to have one to give to one of my lucky readers- after all, you folks are the best valentine a girl could ask for.

As always, it’s super-simple- just follow the instructions below. I will pull a winner at 9pm PST on February 13th.

Thank you to OhMiBod for providing the Adventure! I heart you!

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  • Kat

    I loved your review of this toy. 3 Motors, too intriguing! Thank you for yet another awesome giveaway!

    And er, fav candy? I’m pretty addicted to the Peanut Butter M&M’s as of late.

  • Camryn Jones

    Your posts on the underappreciated bits of anatomical structures in and around the vagina are very much appreciated by me. The clitoris is not the center of my sexual pleasure, and I find it very soothing and informative to hear about the things that get me going.
    Favorite candy? Now that’s a tough one. Probably Smarties (US version).

  • Jenne

    Thanks for the giveaway and some kick arse reviews. My fav candy is black magic. It’s a Uk thing and I get sent care packages once in a while -))

  • BlackAsphodel

    My favorite candy is Milka chocolate with strawberry filling.

  • Kindred

    My favorite candy are Cadbury Mini Eggs. So good!

  • Nate Daniel

    I have to definitely agree with Kat this looks like an amazing toy.

  • Beck

    My favorite candy is twizzlers. I can never have enough of them.

  • nicholesmith

    My favorite candy is sour patch kids :-)

    • The Redhead Bedhead


  • Stephanie R.

    I was so excited to see that you’re giving this away! It looks so fun. Also, my favorite candy is Reese’s.

  • Sarah

    Oooooh! So exciting!
    My favorite candy is Milka with Oreo. Maybe. It changes like every time I’m in the candy aisle. I’m fickle.

  • trix23

    Lately, I like the Patric PBJ OMG bar…

  • Emilie Proctor

    My favorite candy is Bit-O-Honey!

  • nakedskeleton

    My favorite candy is anything gummy! And Brach’s strawberries.

  • sexinerd21

    Favorite candy is Sweet Tarts- so yummy!! Crossing my fingers; I haven’t bought a new vibe in 3 years :(

  • ristina

    Youre gorgeous and this contest is great for vday. I hope you have a vey sexy and relaxing valentines day yourself love :) <3

  • Jane

    I love those little cinnamon hearts that pop up everywhere this time of year. It’s my favorite part of the “holiday,” really.

  • Tat Rob

    Snickers. Classic and everyone eats them, but they are really delicious!

  • JGM

    I’d eat my weight in torrone if I could.

  • Apricot

    Sour apple anything! I like those coconut ferroro rocher things too, they’re super expensive but sometimes they go on sale after valentines.

  • dizzygirl

    Lately I’ve been hooked on mint chocolate bars.

  • postale

    I love Snickers (but also I wanted to say that thanks to you, Epiphora, and a few other great bloggers, I just purchased the Mona 2: my first ever sex toy!!!)

    • The Redhead Bedhead

      Yay! Congratulations, you made a great choice. Toys are so much fun. I have a strict rule about looking to see what Epiphora says before I buy anything!

  • edeneveef

    May your Valentines Day be filled with sweet sex.

  • Calli

    sour patch kids are my favorite gummy candy, and reeses for chocolate!

  • so many kittens

    I love Fererro Rocher, Kinder eggs, Milka chocolate, nutella, carmello. I just love chocolate a lot ok

  • Colleen Boudreau

    I love chocolate!

  • Ella

    Green tea kit kats! I can devour soooo many of those X)

  • Rawraaa.

    hershey’s nuggets with almonds :)

  • Stephanie O’Day

    I don’t really have a favorite candy, but I love all types of gummie candy! Sour patch kids, livesavers, etc. !! This toy looks so interesting! So different from most others!