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Posted by on Mar 29, 2013 in Shop Write Ups, Superhero Sex Shops | 0 comments

Eve’s Garden, NYC – Superhero Sex Shop

Eve’s Garden, NYC – Superhero Sex Shop


Known as the first feminist sex toy shop Eve’s Garden was founded by Dell Williams in 1974. The story goes that Williams, empowered by a “Body/Sex Workshop” with Betty Dodson, went to a department store to purchase a vibrator or “body massager”.  After being embarrassed by a salesboy’s nosy questions she thought, ‘Where does a woman go to buy a vibrator where she won’t be humiliated?’. Eve’s Garden was born. First out of Williams’ apartment and eventually into a shop of its own.

Thirty-nine years later Eve’s Garden is still providing women  with a place to shop comfortably. (It’s not just women either.  While I was visiting several of the clients were shy men who left armed with toys, books, information and smiles.) Tucked away up on the 12th floor of a large building the shop is still cozy and welcoming. As Gardenkeeper Kim put it “We assure you that you will be put at complete ease and comfort when you walk through the door. In fact you will feel so at home here that you may find yourself hanging out at the garden for hours and may just pop in to say hello when in the neighborhood.” She’s not kidding folks, we all know I love a good book collection and Eve’s Garden keeps theirs in a full-fledged living room! I totally spent some time hanging out!

Kim was kind enough to take some time to answer the Seven Superhero Sex Shop Questions. so, go ahead and get to know Eve’s Garden.

What makes Eve’s Garden unique?

There’s no place like it when it comes to discretion. Call it the 57th street secret which every women needs to know about! We are also the city’s first Erotic boutique created by and for women!

Entering a sex shop for the first time can be daunting. Any advice to first time shoppers? 

The best advice we garden keepers can offer would be: Have an open mind and don’t be shy to ask questions — remember we are here  to help you!. We can promise that you will leave more knowledgeable, comfortable, and positively sexually & spiritually enlightened. Also one of the best things about walking into Eve’s Garden is that not only do you get to interact with the very knowledgeable and friendly staff you can get a close up look at all the goodies: toys, lubricants, books, candles, oils ,etc….There’s nothing like seeing things in person to make sure  it’s the right item for you.

See, living room/library. Love it. 

Any favorite moments/great stories?

Oh, If only these walls could talk!

You’re trapped on a desert island (that contains a magical tree which grows batteries and has an electrical outlet in the trunk). What 5 sex toys/products available from Eve’s Garden do you want with you?(Follow the links to check out the products at one of my associate shops.)

1. The Lelo Gigi : She’s so pretty and velvety soft with just the right twist for G-spot stimulation.

2. The Couture Inspire for when nothing else will do the trick, the Inspire will make you to see the light! For the women who crave power!

3.The Jimmy Jane Form 2. Now this little rechargeable baby can go swimming…now what Island experience would be complete without water sports!

4.The Pink Flowered Friend which is a lovely glass dildo which can be warmed up or cooled & is very hygienic.

5. The Lelo Ina a very silky textured massager which will stimulate both your G-spot and clitoris at the same time. Can you say Bliss…you will never want to leave this Island!

What is your favorite toy material? Why?

We love silicone & glass! Silicone because of its super smooth feel & it’s body safe unlike many other pliable materials like jelly and pvc. Glass because of its smooth, solid feel which can be either warmed up or cooled down and is excellent for internal use. Both materials are non porous and super hygienic. Bonus points for glass because its ideal for people with any kind of allergy/sensitivity. Silicone allergies are rare but they do happen, so glass is your best friend in that case!


What is the most popular item at Eve’s Garden?

I would say there are three toys tied for most popular! Of course, the Rabbit styled toys are incredibly popular—it seems the buzz from that Sex and the City episode featuring the Vibratex Rabbit Pearl never died down. Right up the with the Rabbit is the We Vibe 3: an ingenious couples toy. (Shout out to my awesome sponsors We-Vibe!! Also, worth noting, Eve’s Garden carries the entire We-vibe line including the now- discontinued Salsa – Get it while you can!) Fully waterproof and rechargeable, it’s meant to be worn during lovemaking so that both partners can catch the vibes, but there are a plethora of other uses for it, you just have to get creative! And lastly, the real popular toy among first timers is the Lelo Liv. This is because it’s very “traditionally” shaped for an insert-able vibrator and there are so many patterns and intensities to customize your very own experience that it’s nearly impossible to not figure out what you like in a toy with it!

Any cool upcoming projects? 

We are so excited for our April workshops! On April 5th we will be having a Love and Sex Astrology workshop with the amazing Mecca Woods. She’ll give participants an idea of what their sun signs are up to and advice on the best toys for each sign! Towards the end of the month, burlesque dancer, A. Dusky Magdalene will come in and really shake things up. She’ll lead us in a glitzy pasties making workshop and perhaps even show us how to twirl those tassels!

Extra credit:

What’s on the Eve’s Garden store soundtrack?

1.       “I Touch Myself” – Devinyls

2.       “She-Bops”- Cyndi Lauper

3.       “I Want Your Sex” – George Michael

4.       “Angst in my Pants”- Sparks

5.       “SexyBack” – Justin Timberlake

6.       “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – Cyndi Lauper

7.       “Stripped” – Depeche Mode

8.       “Friday, I’m in Love” – The Cure

9.        “Coin Operated Boy” – The Dresden Dolls

10.   “Not that Innocent” – Brittany Spears

11.   “Love in an Elevator” – Aerosmith

12.   “I Kissed a Girl”- Katy Perry

13.   “I Want You to Want Me” – Ramones